Thinking of our Student/Athletes

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Hello Prep League Athletes! First off I hope that you and your families are doing well and navigating this interesting time in your lives. Since the day we were informed that youth sports was going to be cancelled for the remainder of the school year, our heart has hurt each time we hear a new story about a lost season. 

As we navigate this time we will continue to plan for an Early Fall Prep Season. A schedule of games is in the works and buses are being requested. We will plan as if Early Fall will happen. We are also planning early for Late Fall, Flag Football and Volleyball. As we know the news changes everyday and we will begin keeping your schools Athletic Director up to date when we gain new information.

I have been excited to see many kids in the parks around me working on individual skills with their parents, working on soccer footwork/ball skills with a friend (with proper social distancing), kids taking batting practice off a T and shagging the balls, just to do it all over again.

In the coming days, Denver Public Schools Prep League Sports, Kroneke Sports Charities (Avalanche and Nuggets), The Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies would like to pass along some things you can do to stay ready for next season, be it Middle School Sports or if you are an 8th grader moving onto High School competition.

Links will be posted on our Athletics Website (scroll down to Resources and find “Sport Specific Training” and shared with your schools Athletic Director. These links will allow you to continue to learn, train and practice like a student/athlete during this time of “Stay at Home/Safer at Home”

We cannot tell you how badly we want to see you all playing on a sunny field, hitting a buzzer beating three-point shot, serving an ace, hitting a home-run and scoring a goal. We hold a statement that was shared with us at the start of this pandemic. “Youth sports will be a key cog in the economic recovery of this country, youth sports stands for all that is good, it brings families together, it brings families back to local eateries and shops to celebrate victory and console defeat, youth sports will be needed more than ever when this over.” Please know that Denver Public Schools Prep League sports along with the continued support of our local partners will be here to celebrate your wins and loses. 

We look forward to seeing you all again in the future

Thank you,