Broncos Futures Football Program 2015

The Broncos Futures Football Program is quickly approaching. In order for athletes to participate they need to have completed and turned in all the necessary paperwork to the Athletic Director at their schools. This includes the Parent Permission and Physical Form and the Physical Form.

Broncos Futures Football

Try-outs February 18-20, 2015

Games start March 7, 2015

Physicals can be obtained from a number of sources:

  1. Primary Care Physician
  2. DPS Physicals:
  3. DPS school-based clinics: Check with your school to find the closest clinic.

Participation in the Broncos Futures Football has the following requirements for student-athletes:

  1. $40 dollar participation fee is required of all students.
  2. Student/Athlete must be in good academic standing (check with your school for standards).
  3. Student/Athlete must have demonstrated weekly attendance requirements.
  4. Student/Athlete must show model behavior in the school setting.

Denver West Futures Flyer

For more information contact your school's athletic director.

DPS MS Cross Country a huge success!!!

The DPS Cross Country League Meet was run Tuesday, October 7th at Harvard Gulch. Nearly 700 runners competed in the race. The course at Harvard Gulch was designed and set up by nationally renowned tri-athlete Kirk Framke, also a teacher and coach at Slavens K-8. The course featured several water crossings, slow and gradual inclines and challenged every athlete to their limit. The 1.8 mile course was lined with fans, coaches and parents all excited to cheer on their teams.

Tyler Ervin of Slavens K-8 School and Christina Doolan of McAuliffe Middle School would bring home the Middle School Championships for DPS. Ervin won the boys race with a time of 10:17, while Doolan captured the girls race in an astounding 12:20. On the team side of things it was Slavens K-8 School winning the Boys Team Title with 29 combined points and McAuliffe Middle School winning the Girls Team Title with 39 combined points. Congratulations to all runners for an incredible event.

Below is a list of the Middle School All League Team based on their top twenty overall finishes as individuals and a link to the Running Bears website which has a complete list of results.

DPS Middle School League Results

Boys All-League Team Cross Country

  1. Tyler Ervin Slavens MS 10:17
  2. Davis Wuthrich Slavens MS 10:42
  3. Jack Kresl Slavens MS 11:04
  4. Charlie Welch Hill MS 11:14
  5. Nick Bauman Skinner MS 11:24
  6. Connor Doolan McAuliffe MS 11:29
  7. Liam Peck McAuliffe MS 11:30
  8. Eden Scott Morey MS 11:34
  9. Aye Mynt Place Bridge MS 11:39
  10. Ballard Kauffman Slavens MS 11:41
  11. Jonael Cid-Fonzalez Hamilton MS 11:43
  12. Tommy Gilfillan Hamilton MS 11:48
  13. Nikko Graff Slavens MS 11:55
  14. Sammy Crippen Morey MS 11:56
  15. Zach Zamora Grant Ranch MS 12:02
  16. Benjamin Keyse McAuliffe MS 12:04
  17. Yassin Hamma Hill MS 12:09
  18. Mason Kuhlmann Slavens MS 12:10
  19. Ian McCollister Slavens MS 12:12
  20. Elijah Bruggerman Morey MS 12:14

Grils All-League Team Cross Country

  1. Christina DoolanMcAuliffe MS 12:20
  2. Pheobe Briney Slavens MS 12:44
  3. Riley Buese Roberts MS 12:49
  4. Esther Cornish Skinner MS 13:00
  5. Delaney Gilfillan Hamilton MS 13:01
  6. Lindsey Weyant McAuliffe MS 13:21
  7. Maisie Moskowitz McAuliffe MS 13:23
  8. Adele Chism Morey MS 13:24
  9. Ashley Wuthrich Slavens MS 13:25
  10. Elizabeth Cory Hill MS 13:25
  11. Anna Buddenhagen McAuliffe MS 13:28
  12. Abby Denezza Slavens MS 13:29
  13. Abby Howard DCIS Phoenix MS 13:35
  14. Grace Staberg McAuliffe MS 13:37
  15. Chole Siekmeier Denver Discovery MS 13:42
  16. Marin Seigh Grant Ranch MS 13:43
  17. Grace O'Meara Morey MS 13:45
  18. Claire Payne Slavens MS 13:45
  19. Makenna Mitchell Grant Ranch MS 13:45
  20. Rachel Tobler Slavens MS 13:46

Merrill participation increase

Building off last summerís World Cup, soccer is in full swing in DPS! Like many other schools, Merrill has seen a huge increase in participation this fall, with over 60 student athletes coming out for the team. The competition is high and student athletes across the district are engaged in another great season! Merrill soccer is off to a great start and are 2-0 to begin the season.


Cash or money order only will be accepted for CPR Classes. Amount: $45.00

Cancellation Policy: 48-hour cancellation notice, if the Athletics office is not notified within 48 hours of classes, you will be subject to a $5.00 fee. Late Fee: For anyone who does not pre-register and walks in, must pay an additional $5.00 late fee charge, which would bring the cost to $50.00.

Classes will have no less than six (6) coaches, and no more than twelve (12) coaches. When your registration form is received, you will be notified if a class is too small, or if there is not enough room for a particular class. Classes will be on a first-come, first-serve, basis.

All CPR/First Aid classes will be held in the Sports Medicine Building at All City Stadium, located on 1450 S. Franklin, south of South High School. The following dates are available for CPR/First Aid classes. (Additional dates can be arranged by contacting Athletics)

Monday, October 20, 2014 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Monday, November 3, 2014 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Monday, November 17, 2014 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Monday, December 8, 2014 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

The principal objectives of the Nuggets/Avalanche Prep League are:

To use sport to motivate and encourage student athletes to succeed academically.

To provide exemplary leadership to promote the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of students who participate by selecting the best qualified coaches and officialís available.

To provide an environment that will facilitate students to develop good sportsmanship, leadership, and communication skills.

To provide middle school students with an opportunity to participate in a school-organized sports program.

To provide a program that will help students develop fundamental skills in a variety of sports.

To provide a program that will benefit and challenge students who possess potential skills, interests, and capabilities beyond those found in the regular instructional program.

To provide students an opportunity to explore a variety of athletic activities.

Athletic Director Meeting


Location: Athletics Office

Fall Coaches Meeting


Location: Athletics Office

DPS Insurance for Players
DPS Insurance
Concussion Information

Concussion Management Certification REQUIRED!

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