It will be an anxious couple of days for Phillip Lindsay and his family.

“Everybody is restless and nervous. They’re probably more nervous than I am,” Linsday said.

The buffs third all-time leading rusher is trying to stay calm.

“I don’t care where I go,” Lindsay said, “I just want to play football again.”

There is one concern, that trademark afro we’ve all grown accustomed to.

“Hell ya, I plan on keeping it,” Lindsay said laughing.

Wherever he ends up, Lindsay hopes there’s no rookie haircut hazing. but for now, it’s about patience.

“There’s nothing more I can do now but talk to my father, talk to my family and enjoy the moment with them,” Lindsay told 9NEWS.

Like so many of us, the Lindsay’s are guessing who will go where.

“My father always thinks he’s right, everything we do,” said Lindsay.

“We rarely agree, ok,” said Phil’s dad Troy Lindsay. “I’m old school and I got to defend the old folks. We were tougher, we want to school with no shoes on, snow up to here, I got to do that.”

There is no arguing when it comes to this opportunity for Phillip. A journey that started at the age of eight, went through Denver South High School, and then to Boulder where Lindsay was the first Buff ever to rush for a thousand yards in consecutive seasons.

“There’s 9 males in our family. all of us went to college, all of us played football,” said Troy. “But none of us have cracked this, or even had this opportunity.”

The work is done, and Lindsay is slated to be picked as early as the 5th round.

“That’s what it’s about, being productive on the football field, and I have been,” said Lindsay.

Now it’s a matter of where he will go, and if the hair stays.