Futures Volleyball 2018 Begins May 2nd

Futures Volleyball Pict

Dates of play:

Wednesday May 2- Denver South (4 gyms) ) Juggernaut Volleyball Club will do a clinic. The clinic will run twice. First Session 4:30-6:30, Second Session 6:30-8:30. This is a great icebreaker for the kids

Monday, May 7- Manual (3 gyms. )

Wednesday, May 9- Denver South (4 gyms)

Monday, May 14- Manual (3 gyms. )

Wednesday, May 16- Denver South (4 gyms) This date may have a component from the Denver Broncos.

Monday, May 21- Manual (3 gyms. )

Wednesday, May 23- Denver South (4 gyms)


Wednesday, May 30- Denver South (4 gyms)


Check in with your Team Coach to find out if your team is in first or second session.


Click for more information: Futures Volleyball 2018