Avalanche Floor Hockey

Colorado Avalanche Floor Hockey in cooperation with Denver Public Schools Prep League is thrilled to announce the second year of Floor Hockey to our Middle School programming. The Floor Hockey program provides a  game with various benefits for young student-athletes. General athleticism and conditioning will develop as the nature of the game requires running, stopping and starting, quick changes of direction and quick bursts of speed. This is done while carrying a stick and carrying the ball at the same time. Spatial awareness is paramount as the athlete must carry the ball and navigate among the other players. hockey fosters anticipation and decision making skills due to the read and react environment of a game that has very few set plays. In addition, hockey is the consummate team sport, requiring communication and synergy. 

We encourage all of our Middle School aged athletes to reach out to your Athletic Director and sign up to play.

Important Dates for Floor Hockey

  • Try-Outs February 5th
  • Mandatory Coaches Meeting-TBD at Pepsi Center
  • Season begins February 12th
  • Season ends March 16th
  • Schedules

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Requirements to play Floor Hockey